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I have been an educator for over 25 years.  I started out subbing while taking care of my two daughters.  Subbing is a great parent job;  you are on the same schedule as your children and can be off while your kids are off during holidays, weekends, and summer-time.  After I got a full time job teaching,  I got pink slipped a few times, during the recession, and would sub. Now, I am an adapted physical education specialist. These cartoons are 15 years of accumulated subbing experiences that stood out to me.  If you sub in a small school district, subs are usually without union support and work without benefits.  Many times, sub teachers are the scapegoats for dysfunctional work sites creating havoc for the sub.  Thank goodness for the larger school districts that offer benefits and union support for subs.  However, there are still stigmas associated with being a sub, like struggling financially, or being the 'walking wounded'.  By sharing my experiences in a fun way, I hope to make you laugh at surprising and sometimes shocking work situations that happen everyday in the life of a sub. Hooray for substitute teachers everywhere who keep the classrooms running when the regular teachers are absent. Subs are brave and creative!

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