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Mrs. White's SUB SNIPS


This compilation of substitute teaching cartoons is dedicated to the brave, hardworking, and underappreciated men and women who keep the schools' classrooms running when teachers are absent.  After subbing for 15 years grades K-Twelve, these day-to-day real life experiences create fun and humorous snapshots or 'snips' into the world in which all who sub, used to sub, or has had a sub can relate to.


This is a coloring book;  color with colored pencils for hours of fun.

Available in ebook and paperback.

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"The crazy life of substitute teachers is captured in Laura Moss White's collection of one-panel cartoons...

The book's humor is gleaned from every angle... that has the potential to boost substitute teachers' moral."


"This cartoon book will give good insight and sensitivity to being a Substitute Teacher.  ... it makes the SUB the underdog. It's funny if you are a SUB. The pictures are amusing because you see all sides of this confusing job. "

                                                                                                                Laurie Senit, GOODREADS

"The book is filled with cartoons about the life of a substitute teacher. There were so many of the cartoons that I could relate to! I could see some of the subs from my schools being treated in many ways that the cartoon characters were. It was a very humorous look at the life of a substitute.

The illustrations are in black and white but could be used as a coloring book for substitute teachers. A lot of research has shown how coloring books relieve stress even for adults.

I think this would be a cute gift for a well-loved substitute in your school. I think it would be a fun gift for someone in the district who heads up training for substitutes."

Pat Hensley,

"An educator for over two and a half decades, Laura Moss White's first book, Mrs. White's Sub Snips, is an eye-opening journey into the hidden and often underappreciated world of substitute teaching.

Though White is no longer a substitute teacher, the years of subbing made an everlasting impression on the author whose revealing book is told through the guise of cartoon illustrations.

But, make no mistake: though White's book is comical and entertaining, it also exposes the ups and the (astonishing) downs of substitute teaching."

                                                                                                        Carin Chea, INMAG.COM


"4 out of 4 stars

In Mrs. White’s SUB SNIPS: Substitute Teaching Cartoons from Real Life, author Laura Moss White takes readers on an educational adventure. With 15 years of her life spent substitute teaching grades K-12, she experienced many memorable moments worth sharing. Readers will encounter a humorous variety of black-and-white comic squares featuring scenes of tantalizing gossip, acts of favoritism, territorial tantrums, and frustrations with Administration.

Pre-dawn phone calls often have substitute educators awaking frantic and frazzled; then they arrive to realize they’re subbing for a group field trip that’s already been loaded onto the bus. Secretaries exhibit no patience for confusion, and teaching assistants do little more than point out the biggest rabble-rousers and misfits in the mix. There are indecipherable lesson plans, art class disasters, disgruntled regulars in the break room, and devilish students with fiery agendas.

Since part-time subs are ineligible for benefits, this often labels them as “the beggars of the district,” and they’re often left feeling like aliens amongst peers. Older male teachers sometimes make unwelcome and suggestive innuendos, and some of the male students are guilty of making them too. The principals can be tough, and the students judgmental, but calling the on-site security officer for assistance is always an (ill-advised) option.

One of the neatest features of this particular title is that it has also been designed to serve as a coloring book! Each scene depiction is lettered in all caps, following the style of traditional comic strips. Broad character classifications are easily discernible by the presence of neck lanyards that either read “TEACHER” or “SUB.” The author credits Caitlin Skaalrud for providing the 60 drawings that brought her classroom experiences to life. I appreciated seeing the inclusion of subtle background details like an inspirational cat poster, apples, chalkboards, some undeniable unibrows, and plenty of anxious and bloodshot eyes.

I enjoyed the genuine authenticity of the content and comical reflections like how if you sub at a different school each day, you can get away with wearing the same outfit all week. My favorite illustration featured a chaotic PE playground run amok with escaping students, unbridled hyperactivity, cell phone use, and underage smooching. The grammatical errors were minimal, but I did encounter one misplaced possessive apostrophe and two instances of missing hyphenation. Beyond those imperfections, there was nothing I disliked.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has had firsthand experience in the classroom. There is no presence of bad language or outrageously mature content, so it is also appropriate for all audiences. There are some instances of crass humor (e.g., the implication that happy teachers must be on antidepressants), so sensitive readers might not find all of the content equally amusing. For substitute educators who have ever felt unwelcome at staff Christmas parties, the feeling is common.

I enthusiastically award this book a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. The author dedicates this book of humorous snapshots to “the brave, hardworking, and underappreciated men and women who keep the schools’ classrooms running when teachers are absent.” The next time they get directed to the back of the parking lot, or come under fire from paper airplanes, they can always consider just showing a movie during class. After all, they won’t be there for long."



“Mrs. White’s Sub Snips” by Laura Moss White is a funny, new, cartoon-style book based on the author’s real-life journey as a substitute teacher.

“It’s like little stories, snips or snapshots of the crazy things that go on in a substitute’s daily work,” the author said.

"It’s White’s hope that readers gain an appreciation for substitute teachers after reading her book.

“There are stigmas associated with being a sub, like struggling financially, or being the ‘walking wounded,’” White said. “By sharing my experiences in a fun way, I hope to make you laugh at surprising and sometimes shocking work situations that happen every day in the life of a sub.”

“Mrs. White’s Sub Snips” is available for $9.99 online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and The book is also available online and in store at Vroman’s Book Store. "


                                                                 Marissa Wells, Contributing Writer : Book Corner ; LA WAVE NEWSPAPERS

"5.0 out of 5 stars A hilarious book.  

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 September 2020

This book will have you laughing for ages. It contains funny illustrations that portray real-life scenarios of being a substitute teacher. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I highly recommend it to any ages."


 "Post by Bibliogn0st » 11 Nov 2020, 12:21

[Following is a volunteer review of "Mrs. White’s SUB SNIPS" by Laura Moss White.]
4 out of 4 stars Share This Review


Mrs. White’s SUB SNIPS : Substitutes Teaching Cartoons From Real Life by Laura Moss White is a collection of hilarious misadventures of substitute teachers. With 15 years of substitute teaching experience at hand, the author has a lot of hysterical, yet memorable moments to share. She encompasses these humorous instances in square boxes or ‘snips’ filled with black and white cartoonish characters. Each box illustrates an incident that every substitute teacher must have experienced at least once in their lifetime.

Substitutes are bombarded with gigantic to-do lists; as if they are some kind of robots that can get the work done in a jiffy. Despite their hard work they are denied the benefits of a teacher. Regular teachers do not allow them to eat or sit with them. They are regarded as ‘guest teachers’ and constantly alienated from the rest of the teaching staff. Even the principal of the school give them a hard time and punish them harshly for minor mistakes.

Female substitutes fall prey to male students and teachers' offensive and sexual comments. The TAs give subs a hard time while explaining to them their duties. They give them vague instructions about their job and warns them to not use any of the regular teachers' stuff. They are informed that they have been allotted a new subbing assignment at the last minute. Sometimes, they are surprised with a subbing duty for a field trip. The students do not give them any respect at all. They shamelessly kiss, fight and play pranks in front of them. Even the security guard denies helping the poor subs.

The book is packed with funny pictures along with speech bubbles, which make it look like a comic book. Another amazing thing is that it can be used as a coloring book as well. It is very easy to identify the characters as they wear name-tags with ‘SUBS’, ‘TEACHER’ and ‘TA’ written on them.

My favorite snip is the one in which the principal refers to subs as “walking wounded” and there are a bunch of subs walking like zombies in the background. There is nothing that I disliked about the book. After reading it, I realized how underappreciated are these heroes, who work so hard to keep the school running in the absence of regular teachers. They deserve to be rewarded for their service.

The book can be read in a single sitting. There are no erotic scenes or profanity in the text, which makes the book suitable for every age group. I did not find any error, hence the book is professionally edited. Perhaps I was enjoying the book so much that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the errors.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to anyone who is pursuing the same profession. Students should also read this book so that they can appreciate their substitute teachers. This is a perfect choice for people who want to read a comic book and have good laughs. I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Mrs. White’s SUB SNIPS
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Latest Review: Mrs. White’s SUB SNIPS by Laura Moss White

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